An A-Z of magazine life: Q…

Q is for:  Queens… First off, the “Queen of Hearts” Princess Diana herself, who always sold massively more copies of any magazine she featured in, especially if her face was on the cover (and it often was. Well, you’d have been mad not to).  Secondly, the Queen Mum’s Obit, started some years before she passed, was a regularly updated feature kept on hold until such time as it was needed. Whenever any major world event took place, especially anything relating to the Royals, magazine staff would work on an extra-special “tribute” publication through the night or over a weekend. Others were doing the same, of course, so it was always a race to see whose would hit the shelves first.  Yes, that should also be “C” for Cynical” I know.

Q is also for:  Quality Street.  As we all know, those tins are DEFINITELY a heck of a lot smaller than they used to be.  When we were about to undertake our last major office move, the head of the whole mind-boggling operation handed round tins of the aforementioned to all depts to thank us for undertaking such a colossal task.  During this almighty muck-out, I was most cheered to see that the secret contents of other people’s desks were (almost) as bad as mine (see under D for desks).

Q is also for:  Quirky and other irritatingly “trendy” words.  I wish I had a pound (see my previous post) for every time I read the word “quirky” anywhere. I would be a multi-millionaire.  What fascinates me is who sets the ball rolling. One minute, it’s a word rarely used; the next, you can’t open the pages of a magazine or newspaper without seeing it.  In the particular case of “quirky” it is often used to describe interiors or someone’s personal style.  Really?  Can they ALL be “quirky”?  Surely, if they are, they are no longer “quirky” but just – er – like everybody else!  Not so long ago, the phrase “It’s not rocket science” was everywhere.  Who kicked that one off?  Plus there’s: “It is what it is”, “Wake up and smell the coffee”, “You do the maths” and, “You see what I did there?”.  And, while we’re about it, since when did “sauce” or  ”gravy” become ”jus”?  I’m sure there are many, many more.  Can you think of any?


Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

4 thoughts on “An A-Z of magazine life: Q…”

  1. That made me smile. I remember all those covers with Princess Diana. Which reminds me of the most annoying catch phrase ‘The People’s Princess’ coined by Tony Blair with an emotional shine to his eyes. The People’s anything was bandied around for a while after. The Journey also irritates me, care of Britain’s Got Talent and other shows of same genre.


  2. “Do you see where I’m coming from?”
    “Think outside the box”
    “A hundred and ten percent” (or however many over a hundred)
    There are more but as usual when I want to put smack my fist on the fly, it’s gone
    (That might sound a little rude: sorry)


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