An A-Z of magazine life: S…

S is for: Sales. Magazines held regular staff sales of clothes, shoes, knitted items, fabrics, cushions and other home-related goodies, books, make-up, wine, cameras, horsey items and anything and everything relating to the many magazines in the company.  (Oh, how I miss them!)  Manners seemed to fly out the window at these and I once witnessed a woman old enough to know better running around the tables in an effort to beat the rest.  Also, two women in a very unseemly grapple for a bottle of perfume.  It got so bad, an admonishing email was sent round informing everyone that, if they didn’t behave, the sales would cease.

S is also for: Sex.  At one of our parties, a writer who had published sex advice books was treated with utter disdain by a rather “sociable” and – er – adventurous colleague, who was overheard saying in tones of outrage: “I don’t need anyone telling ME how to do it!”

S is also for: Smoking and passive smoking. Some of us could (literally) breathe a huge sigh of relief when the smoking ban came in, although it may have been too late for others.  One colleague who shared an office with a chain smoker for many years went for a health check and was told they had the lungs of a smoker, even though they themselves had never smoked.

S is also for: Sorbet.  Another phrase which entered my dept’s vocabulary was during yet another long lunch.  When the puddings menu came round, a stuffed-to-the-gills colleague was heard to utter in dainty tones: “I’ll have a sorbet to be sociable.”


Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

3 thoughts on “An A-Z of magazine life: S…”

  1. I wish I’d worked in an office where there were sales of goodies. Ah, smoking. I’m back in the early nineties now. Thank you, Claire for reminding me. The law against smoking in the workplace saw huddles of freezing staff standing around outside shivering so could get their nicotine fix. This change caused me to give up, eventually. Was a pivotal moment for me as I’d been quite addicted till then.

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  2. ‘S’ is also for sad and sorry. I’m sad and sorry that lots of lovely editory-type people are now no longer a team at a lovely magazine.
    (sniff: that’s an ‘S’ too)

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