Day four: No point having a shopping list!

Attempted the weekly shop in Surbiton this morning. All I can say is, thank God I picked up some things in Kingston the other day. (I’m so glad I listened to my instinct then, which was screaming, “Chocolate!” amongst other things, though that was screaming the loudest.)

Waiting for my train, I was struck by how few people there were getting on and off. The man in the newsagents on the platform said he’s stopping delivery of the papers after tomorrow. No point, he says. I topped up my Oyster card, in case he decides not to open at all, though why I bothered, I don’t know. London in lockdown? I bloody hope not!

In Surbiton, I walked straight back out of the big Sainsbury’s, it was so manic in there, but found milk in the smaller branch by the station. Plenty of people still out and about. The woman opening up the Oxfam shop thought I was waiting to go in. Possibly I looked as though I might start panic-buying old clothes and greetings cards. It may yet come to that.

I told her I was looking for my shopping list, such as it was. She told me all about her problems at home, with her husband working from home atm (she’d had to clear the dining-room table specially) and her children off school after tomorrow. Sounds as though she will relish some time on her own at the shop, even with very few customers and even fewer staff. If I were her, I’d probably do the same.

On to Waitrose. I have been shopping there since it first opened (there was a handy B&Q there before but Waitrose has proved infinitely handier and much more popular) and have never seen it so empty. One bloke said to me, “No point in making out a shopping list,” as we both stared despondently at the depleted shelves and wished each other luck.

Still no eggs, flour, tins, cereals, pasta, loo and kitchen rolls but now there are no, er, “women’s things”, cleaning products, bread or fresh veg and salad stuff, either! It’s becoming a game, each week, to try to pre-empt what people are going to panic-buy next.

There were very few pizzas left, too, though interestingly, the ones that were still there were my favourite flavour – garlic mushroom with spinach and mascarpone. People, you don’t know what you’re missing!

I didn’t buy any. No room in the freezer atm and I usually only treat myself to one when my OH is out for the evening and I can eat it with undisguised pleasure, without him lecturing me on how unhealthy it is. That man is such a killjoy, lol. He’s not going out for a while, though, drat it, as all his evening things have been cancelled for the time being. I could even lose some weight, folks!

I bought toothpaste and mouthwash the other day, and body lotion for myself (virus or no virus, I’m not letting my standards slip) and thought I’d better stock up on shaving foam for the OH. No offence meant, beardy friends, but I don’t want him to grow one in captivity! I’m not keen (sorry).

I’m thankful I have a lifelong siege/hoarding mentality, which means I have always bought ahead, and usually two of everything, even when I lived alone. My OCD dislikes odd numbers, in any case.

So, we have most of what we need, atm. I’m craving fresh tomatoes now there are none to be had (at least, not in Surbiton this morning) and we will need kitchen rolls again before too long but that’s about it – for now, anyway.

Good luck out there!


Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

One thought on “Day four: No point having a shopping list!”

  1. I’m feeling equally smug about my own siege/hoarding mentality. If I see a product I use all the time on offer my OCD insists buying it all, odd number or even, it comes home! Have enough shampoo to last to end of the decade, I think!

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