Day whatever (it’s all blurring into one)

A very brief walk around the block, today, in search of milk, which we found just up the road at the garage. Everyone we meet is being very friendly; smiling and saying hello and thanking us for moving out of their way, etc etc. Makes a pleasant change!

I spotted a chalked rainbow at the foot of someone’s driveway and a discarded latex glove a bit further along. What’s the story there, I wonder?

At the garage, I was given another free bunch of flowers. A policeman came in and I thought he was checking up on what people were doing out, but no, he was just looking for donuts for his colleagues. (No snarky comments about that, if you don’t mind!)

A couple of frazzled parents were bellowing at their children. Interestingly, it was the fathers in each case. At the risk of appearing sexist, I’m guessing they don’t normally have to spend quite so much time with their beloved offspring as they are currently experiencing and the cracks are beginning to show…

Walking back down our road, we saw that some lovely neighbours had put boxes of books, board games and DVDs outside their houses, for people to help themselves. What a kind thought!

Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

One thought on “Day whatever (it’s all blurring into one)”

  1. I love the idea about leaving board games (or bored games?!) at the end of the front path. This could be a thing, although, I wonder for how long before there’s a nationwide Facebook debate on the risk of catching Corona Virus from an old Monopoly board?

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