Rewilding (within reason)…

It was lovely to see big troughs of cheerful, brightly-coloured spring flowers planted up along our main road today, as we went out for a brief walk by the river. I’m not normally a fan of bedding plants and annuals but, heck, in the current climate, I’ve even started to leave the weeds to flourish on our gravel drive, just so I can see a bit of colour out there. With the sad news of nurseries and garden centres everywhere forced into discarding thousands of healthy plants, and undoubtedly going out of business at the same time, we gardeners have to make do with what we’ve already got. Someone I know said he couldn’t even get hold of a bag of compost at the moment, let alone anything to put in it.

People are posting about rewilding on social media. Nature, I mean; not themselves. Although, they are also talking about not being able to cut or dye their hair and all the other little things they regularly do to maintain a presentable image.  Some are not even bothering to change out of their pyjamas, which would depress me greatly. I blogged about this before, so won’t go on about it now, except to say that standards need to be maintained, people! I’m just glad I don’t live with any of you. Back to nature: I’m not sure that the rewilding of areas can happen in a mere few weeks, as has been suggested, but I have always joked that, if you left our garden for a couple of months, it would very happily revert back to the field it must once have been. Well, I suppose everywhere was, if you go back far enough.

Two big delivery vans at the top of our road were doing their best to social distance from each other, dodging between the parked cars: “After you.” “No, after you.” “No, I insist.” “No, really, you were here first.”

We spotted a bus with just two passengers and our local train station was completely empty again, with a train in at the platform. Nobody getting on or off it, though.

Down by the river, a couple of boat-dwellers were chatting from their respective vessels. We have a friend who lives on a boat. We talk about cabin fever, but they are all experiencing it in its truest sense right now.

We also noticed two people who were exercising far apart. When one had finished and was walking away, her dog, a lively border collie, danced around her, looking for all the world as though it was trying to round her up. (Apparently, my cousin’s old dog, same breed, used to like to do this with all the schoolchildren at their local bus stop.)

It was our bins collection day today. The bin men have reported a huge increase in the amount of fresh produce being chucked – the result of all the mad panic-buying and hoarding a week or so ago. What a terrible, stupid waste.

On that note, I’m off to start the evening meal. Burgers, mash and baked beans tonight – yes, I eventually managed to find a couple of tins left on the shelf. They were dented, but that doesn’t bother me. It would appear even the panic-buyers have their limits!





Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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