Dazed and confused


We didn’t leave the house until early evening, today, to walk around the corner for a takeaway. We thought we’d try a different one this week: a local Italian restaurant. The owner has proved himself one of the emerging community heroes with his offer of free pizzas for the elderly and NHS workers, etc. He is even picking up people’s shopping and prescriptions for them. I just hope others don’t take advantage, though I fear they might.

There are several “local hero” small shops and businesses supplying our community and doing good deeds atm and we are all heartily grateful. Hopefully, they will still be around to receive our full appreciation when all this is over. There are also some who are definitely exploiting the current situation and they will be boycotted in due course. This is where social media really comes into its own; keeping us all informed and feeling less isolated.

Anyway, back to the takeaway: we had already placed our order and paid for it over the phone and it was ready when we arrived. The whole operation seemed a lot more together and organised than the place we had tried last week. They are offering home deliveries, as are others, but we needed some exercise and wanted to combine the two.  (Just over four thousand steps, according to my phone app; woefully short of my daily goal but better than nothing.) The small branch of Tesco nearby was still open, with no queue, so we went in there as well.

There appears to still be some confusion over social distancing. People are moving about the aisles far too close to others and ignoring the distance markings on the floor. One suggestion to combat this would be to introduce one-way lanes in the aisles but I can see that causing even more confusion. Imagine the chaos when you realise you’ve driven your trolley the wrong way down a one-way aisle and have to back up. Not to mention the embarrassment of having to emit “Beep-beep” sounds while doing so…

Talking of Tesco, the much bigger local branch of this chain has seen some serious altercations over the past few weeks. I was told of one yesterday. A man with his three children tried to barge ahead of the queue and the security guard did his best to stop him, to accompanying yells of outrage from the waiting queue.  Apparently, all the man wanted was alcohol!  Thwarted, he jumped in his car and screeched off.  This is wrong on so many levels and I can only imagine what hell his family must be going through at home. Those poor children. What an example for them. Come on, Tesco!  Put more security staff on!

Tesco seem to be having quite a few problems with sorting their queuing policy out. Some friends of ours, both 70, qualify to be let in to the store early on certain days ahead of the main queue but, when they turned up this morning, they were told they had to wait in the same queue as everyone else. Apparently, when questioned, the management said: “We have to trust that people will follow the rules.” What utter rubbish! They know full well that a great many people haven’t been following the rules!  Can’t they have two separate queues, and two security guards, to ensure the whole process is followed as fairly and smoothly as possible? There must be lots of people not working right now who would jump at the chance of a job.

Talking of following the rules, we passed several groups of people chatting in the street, standing no more than about a foot away from each other (we had to walk out into the road to avoid them, as they weren’t even trying to move out of our way) and a small gathering of people standing at the back of someone’s house by the river – it almost looked as though they were having a party! We are all missing our friends and families but, if we don’t follow the rules, things will become a lot tougher and more unpleasant for all of us.

As an example of things getting tougher, I recently heard of a man who had driven somewhere to walk his dog, then being turned back by the police, who told him it wasn’t an essential journey and that he should only be walking his dog nearer to his house.

We will no doubt be seeing some funny pics of dogs – even funnier than usual – on social media, as, like us, they can’t get their regular professional wash, cut and blow-dry for the time being. My own “fur” is rewilding by the minute and, no, I won’t be posting any pics!





Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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