In a bit of a daze


We both woke up at 4.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so, what with that and the much warmer weather, we were feeling somewhat dopey for most of the day and dragged ourselves out later on for a very brief walk around the block.

We’ve been spotting discarded medical gloves everywhere we go. What’s all that about, then? Surely it makes a bit of a mockery of their original purpose? Or am I being denser than usual, due to lack of sleep?

A man was having a bonfire/barbeque at the bottom of his garden. (We couldn’t tell which, due to all the smoke.) The neighbours must have been thrilled!  Just got their washing out on the line, first time in ages, then smoke blows over and covers the whole lot. Expletives deleted.

It really was a very short walk but we took a few moments to sit on an empty bench, just enjoying being “out”. From the garden behind us, we could hear snatches of a rather fraught-sounding female voice: “…every minute of the day…” and: “Get on with it NOW!” Our minds were boggling but we didn’t want to be witnesses to anything unpleasant, so we left.

Someone had clearly been making good use of their enforced time indoors and had left a load of glass vases and other bits and pieces outside their house, with a notice alongside begging people to take them away. We’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of this type of thing, now that the charity shops and municipal dumps are closed. The one we use at Leatherhead (makes for a nice trip out, sigh), has started up a small shop for the items that are far too good to chuck. This is such a great idea and I hope other places follow suit.

Walking back down our road, we saw that someone had put more books and games out in boxes, for people to help themselves, and added to them this time was a gang of “Action Man” figures, who were most definitely not social distancing, tut!

Talking of which (are we talking of anything else atm?), I have had a tickly, irritable throat for many years and I cough quite a bit with it. A friend recommended on FaceBook that having a “coughing fit” works like a dream when seeing people not following the rules. I began to cough (genuinely, not faked) just as a couple were walking towards us on the narrow pavement. As one, they swerved out into the road.

As we’re not going out anywhere much for the time being (fond though I am of Waitrose, it doesn’t really class itself as a nice trip out, does it?), my Instagram feed is lacking in pretty pictures.  I may have to resort to taking pics of stuff around the house, instead. (If you’d like to follow me, it’s clareatclarelou, btw. No pressure.)

I phoned a friend who had a terrible year last year. She lost her husband and has said that, were it not for their dog, she would have joined him. She is in her 70s, has health issues and is only going out to walk said dog. She told me a neighbour had popped round with her shopping earlier and my friend gave her a drink and sat with her outside, ten feet apart. I know this is wrong of them both but I’m pleased someone is there for her (she lives too far away for us to help her, otherwise we would). She thought I sounded very down but I told her it was probably just tiredness. (Though there are lots of not-great things happening atm, apart from the obvious one, of course. But those are for another time, maybe.)

Anyway – we cheered ourselves up by promising to meet up as soon as it was safe to do so. All of our diaries are going to be overflowing with meet-ups. And, as someone put on FaceBook, imagine the rush for hair and other appointments once all this is over! I’m not taking any chances. I’m off to book mine now…










Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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