We went round a different way!


“Which part of the block do you want to walk round today?” This is what my OH asked me as we prepared to leave the house for our regular lunchtime foray. At the end of the drive, we tossed a coin and went right instead of left. Yes, folks, it truly doesn’t get any more thrilling than this for the foreseeable.

There were quite a few people out and about; mostly cyclists. We doubted very much if any of them were related but they were all cycling way too close to each other, even so. Then two men got off their bikes for a chat and I heard one say to the other: “It’s six feet, right?” but he still stood far closer to the other guy, who didn’t ask him to step away. And the three young boys we saw on their bikes yesterday threw them in a heap on the ground, then proceeded to sit very close together on the grass.

Someone was saying much the same thing on a local FaceBook group.  Cyclists are not using the social distancing rule, in the main. Not all walkers are, either, of course. One woman approaching us came very close and we had to move fast to get out of her way. We’d love to walk down by the river, but imagine that’s going to be pretty busy right now and the path is quite narrow in places. I could always try “the magic coughing trick” (see a previous blog).

More tales of people not following the rules: a friend’s elderly neighbour always invites his opposite (also elderly male) neighbour into his house every day and they’re in there together all day. It’s company, I suppose, but apparently he’s still doing it, so that is definitely flouting the rules and putting his friend in danger, to boot, since he often goes out shopping for them both.

We spotted a bus going into our nearest town, with someone getting on it; a sight which cheered me far more than it should have done. It was even on schedule!

In another blog, I mentioned that it seemed to us as though cars were travelling much slower and further away from each other than usual. Unfortunately, this extremely welcome state of affairs has not continued.  Drivers are back to their old tricks and we witnessed a very close call when a car started to pull out of a side road and an approaching car decided they could veer round it, with probably centimetres to spare.  It wouldn’t have been very clever of them to end up in A&E right now, would it?!

On a lighter note, I had no idea it was Easter this weekend.  I thought it was later on in the month. (I’ve not looked in my diary for ages. No point. Apologies if I’ve missed any of your birthdays.) Not that it will make any difference to our daily routine; aside from a bit of shopping on Saturday, maybe. I just hope there won’t be any last-minute panic-buying of chocolate eggs. Save some for me, people!















Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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