It’s all tickety-boo in la-la land!

How does the Queen self-isolate?  Doesn’t she have rather a large staff to attend to her every need and whim? How does that work, then? A skeleton staff only?  Have the rest been “furloughed?” Is she expected to make her own tea and toast in the mornings and rustle up supper for herself and Prince Philip (I’m sure she’s more than capable)? I’m not expecting any answers from anybody, by the way; it’s just idle speculation.  Such random daft thoughts keep popping into my head at the moment. I expect you’re the same.

Like many people I know, I’m finding it incredibly hard to concentrate on reading books or magazines. Not like me at all.  But reading about “normal” life, especially in magazines, is getting me all worked up. Understandable, I suppose. It’s frustrating to read about planning trips out and nice holidays, walks in bluebell woods and visiting National Trust properties and gorgeous gardens right now. Downright teeth-gnashingly so, actually! I know that magazines have very long lead times, but, so far, I have only seen one Editor’s letter acknowledging the current situation. Others are behaving as though things are perfectly normal and tickety-boo in la-la land. Perhaps they will have caught up with the rest of us by next month.

Despite not having read a large proportion of the books I bought before lockdown, I am keeping a running list of those I plan on buying just as soon as we’re out the other side of this nightmare. I know I could order them online, but I much prefer walking into a bookshop and inhaling that incomparable smell.  Another scent it’s impossible to encapsulate perfectly (like the “washing dried outdoors” scent, which I mentioned on here the other day). The closest I have come to this is “Library” by True Grace. All their room scents are pretty authentic, in my opinion, and I love the one I bought last year, which is redolent of sun-warmed tomatoes in a greenhouse. Yum. (This is not a plug and I will not be receiving free samples from them for the mention – though if any of you happen to know the nice people behind the company, please do show them this in passing, ta.) I also have a wonderful one from them called “Bonfire” which, not surprisingly, is a very autumnal smell. At this rate, we’ll be there before we know it. Bye-bye, summer!

Today’s walk was yet another brief outing to the large field next to the river, then round the block back home again, stopping off to refuel on ice-cream from a local newsagent and observing the number of cyclists and runners not keeping their distance. There appeared to be rather a lot of police, in cars and on motorcycles, at one point, and the OH said they were escorting “someone very important” but we couldn’t tell who that was.  I suppose it could have been the Queen, returning from an emergency dash to Tesco, on a mission to find the last tin of baked beans and a loaf of white sliced, for her and Philip’s supper?






Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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