A police helicopter was hovering overhead earlier this morning. We imagined they had had a tip-off and were looking for someone trying to make a break for the next county. I hope they made it, though I fear they won’t find things much better over there, and I bet they still won’t be able to find any flour.

Thanks to a tip-off on FaceBook from a kindly neighbour, we have discovered a new walk today and, best of all, it’s a mere few minutes from our house. It was pretty and peaceful, with very few people around, and we could feel ourselves relaxing and unwinding as we ambled along. It’s a shame we didn’t know about it before but, now that we do, it’s set to become a regular favourite.

This is where local social media groups are really coming into their own: people are sharing so much on there. Not just where to go to get flour (anybody?!), and many more such necessities, but who is providing food deliveries, which businesses are still doing takeaways, the opening hours for the chemist, the best time to visit the supermarket and where to go to pick up compost and other garden-related sundries, now that the peak growing season is upon us. Oh, no, sorry. That’s just my wishful thinking. Silly me!

Ah, yes. Garden centres. A subject very dear to my heart, as regular readers of this blog will know. Why have they been forced to close?  They are outdoor places, of course, and their staff could easily monitor people going in, just as the supermarkets are doing. Their layout is often more spacious for social-distancing, too. Aside from the fact that those of us with gardens need to maintain them and want to make them look good, the more serious issue is that hundreds of small nurseries – the ones that supply the garden centres in many cases – are likely to go out of business and are having to destroy thousands of beautiful plants in the process. Plants that could be gracing our gardens and providing a much-needed boost to our morale. So no doubt that’s more job losses, on top of those of the garden centre staff themselves, I imagine. Apparently, they are still allowed to trade in Scotland, so why not here as well?

On our walk, we spotted a pile of newly-creosoted railway sleepers next to our local station. While I was idly fantasising about a much bigger garden than ours, so that I could have raised beds and interesting walkways using said sleepers, it appeared the OH’s thoughts were taking a far more sinister turn. On chirpily asking him what he would use the sleepers for, without hesitation, he replied: “A bunker.” Now, I know he watches far too many war films but, even so, I don’t much care for his train of thought (no pun intended)!









Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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