I woke up feeling quite angry, today – not least because it was next-door’s early-morning noise coming through the wall that had disturbed my sleep. At this rate, I shall be wearing my new earplugs 24/7 (see yesterday’s blog for enlightenment).

My mood wasn’t helped by the OH complaining that an item he had ordered from a well-known electrical and computing company hadn’t turned up yesterday, when it should. He had paid an extra fiver to ensure next-day delivery. It was naughty of them to offer this.  On their website, they ask customers to be patient, as they have had so many extra demands on their products in the last month. In that case, they shouldn’t have made promises they couldn’t keep!  So that was both of us in a filthy, fuming, ready-to-erupt-at-any-second mood. To make matters worse, the company’s phone lines were permanently engaged. In desperation, we found them on Twitter and left a sharp message on there. Needless to say, he got a reply from them pretty swiftly after that – though we are still waiting to hear what will happen next.

By lunchtime, in dire need of a bit of tranquility and calm, we decided to head back to the lovely new walk we discovered the other day. While there, we passed a neighbour with her dog.  She disappointed us by saying the place had been heaving at the weekend, with many people enjoying picnics. Today, we saw people sitting on the grass and on benches, and others out on the river with their boats.

I’m no killjoy, but I had thought we were all supposed to only be out for an hour or so’s essential exercise and/or shopping? And that boating was banned by the Environment Agency? I’m getting more confused by the day!

One of the boat people who permanently moor there, called out: “Morning!” then checked himself: “I mean, afternoon!” “It’s Wednesday,” I replied helpfully, in case he was wondering, but I think I left him even more confused.

Anyway.  An hour of wandering along by the river, looking at lots of green space and observing the wildlife, plus a very happy dog with a ball, splashing about in the water, soon restored our spirits.

I heard the comforting sound of a rumbling train nearby and idly thought how great it would be to get up to town and wander around the eerily quiet streets. Although, judging from the increased number of cars around here, not to mention all the runners and cyclists, I’m guessing they wouldn’t be so quiet up there, now, either.

Someone on FB said that we may well be looking back at this time through rose-tinted glasses.  Hmmm!  Some of it, perhaps.  (See yesterday’s blog again.) Maybe not the woman, also on FB, who is worrying about her dogs suffering from potential separation anxiety once lockdown is over and she and her husband go back to working full-time, leaving said dogs on their own in the house again for most of the day (bar a mid-day trip out with the dog-walker, in case you’re thinking what a cruel and heartless pair they are).

It’s something I hadn’t thought of before and I realised I, too, will be coping with separation anxiety once the OH goes back to work. Close friends and regular readers of my blogs will know that I struggle with too much time spent on my own; needing to fill my weeks with trips out, lunches and seeing friends – all at once, preferably. So it’s been lovely for me to have his company during this time. He, on the other hand, will no doubt be up at sparrow fart on his first official day back in the office, off out the door and skipping down the road, singing: “Happy Days Are Here Again!”














Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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