I scream, you scream…


After yesterday, we had things we needed to get on with around the house and garden today, plus the OH had to work, so we took a brief trip out at lunchtime, back to where we had been shopping on Saturday. I had been given the wrong tablets in Boots and needed to replace them. While he was waiting for me, the OH treated himself to an ice-cream, which seems to have become his “thing” now, whenever we go anywhere. It could be a lot worse.

We noted there were no queues whatsoever outside all the supermarkets we passed, so there you are, folks. Do your shopping on a Monday lunch-time. You know it makes sense.

After our little bit of shopping, we were sitting in the car park, waiting for the OH to finish his ice-cream, when a mini came in, music blaring from the windows. I had only just been saying how lovely and peaceful it was, too.  The driver screeched to a halt, then leapt out of the car to go up to two young women who he obviously knew, and proceeded to give them both a huge hug.  They stood about, talking, and we decided to leave. I pondered leaning out of the window as we passed, to yell out: “You silly sausages!” or words to that effect, but decided against it.

In the newsagents, the assistants were wearing medical gloves, but were still leaning right over the counter to address a couple of small children who were waiting with their mother. In other places, such as Boots, they are much stricter in adhering to the rules, which is good, of course, but all this inconsistency isn’t half confusing for the rest of us.

Driving back home, we passed a house with a large array of colourful toys outside; presumably originally destined for the charity shop.  Those charity shops will be feeling the pinch, when (if) they all re-open, I’m sure. Everything they would usually be receiving, apart from clothes and shoes, is piled up outside people’s houses, with notices begging others to help themselves.  Although, one thing the shops might find themselves inundated with when this is all over is jigsaw puzzles.  Everyone’s doing them to while away the time, it appears. Not in our household, though: I have zero patience for anything puzzle-like and the OH would much rather be watching old black and white war films. We could be sorting out our cupboards and doing all those jobs we always say we’ll get around to doing one day. I have a pile of untouched magazines and books and, much as I love reading these – see my blog from two days ago – I just can’t settle to looking at anything very much at the moment. A pity, in a way, as we will most likely never have this opportunity of so much spare time again.  We hope!


Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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