“It wasn’t us!”

We managed to dodge the rain showers, today, to return to our newly-discovered walk nearby. On the way there, I was idly chatting about how great it is that my friends and I are currently helping each other out with local information, ie: which shops and markets are still open and when, the best times to visit for the shortest queues, who has flour (in your dreams) and if there are any reduced Easter eggs left anywhere (in mine), amongst other things. “There’s a word for this, but I can’t think of it,” I trilled. “Coven?” muttered the OH at the same time as I added: “Networking?”

Moving swiftly on… We had the place to ourselves, which was bliss, despite the chilly breeze and hint of drizzle in the air. We had set off quite late, again, so there was not much time for idling, though we took photos of a large family of hopeful swans and promised to bring bread with us next time. (Yes, we’re back to being OK to feed them bread, apparently!)

I’ve resorted to taking photos of dying daffodils, fading blossom and dandelion seedheads for the time being, as there is currently little hope of going anywhere exciting to see any pretty or interesting flowers. In my other life, I would have paid several visits to the stunning gardens at Wisley and Loseley by now, and bored you all senseless with my close-ups of flowerheads and foliage. Be thankful, people!

Our own garden is looking a little bereft of flowers, although some of the foliage is quite colourful. I’m missing the garden centres hugely. As a friend put it, there’s always mail-order, but she cherishes the choice and spontaneity while browsing around a well-stocked centre, and so do I. I ventured online to one of the nurseries, this morning, to check out their catalogue. Big mistake!  I’m only up to ‘D’ and I’ve already covered two sides of a large post-it note. We really don’t have any more room!  Well, OK – maybe we could widen the borders a teeny-tiny bit more… And I’ve got a couple of nice pots I could fill…

I’m reluctant to order plants online, though, having had a not-so-great experience with a delivery several years ago. In any case, when I checked, I was appalled to see that they are, unsurprisingly, inundated at the moment and I wouldn’t be receiving my order until early July!

Ooh, a bit of excitement in our little road just now. Several police cars and vans turned up and a load of children dressed in grown-up uniforms went into a house a little further along. I don’t mean to sound rude, by the way. I think the police do a terrific job and I’m grateful. It’s just that they really do all look about 12! A few minutes later, they came out with a bloke in handcuffs and bundled him away in a van. I just happened to be upstairs, working on my computer, so I had a bird’s-eye view of most of it. I must admit to feeling slightly miffed that one of the police cars chose to park right in front of our house, so that everyone who walked past was gazing curiously up our driveway. I was tempted to hang a big notice up at the window: “It wasn’t us!”

Or perhaps they were really looking for the coven that, rumour has it, exists somewhere in this area…






Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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