Enough for a splurge!


Just a quick trip around the corner, today, where we noticed more people out and about and a few more shops open, as well.  Oh, and the public toilets!  Now that really was a joyful sight, for me.  A member of our local residents’ association was busily planting up a flower-bed.  There were far too many people milling about outside a takeaway fried chicken shop and a huge queue in Poundland (I gave up). In all, there was a palpable air of: “We’re coming out of this now,” which made me feel uneasy, if I’m honest. Despite all the things I’m missing, I think it’s way too soon. The morons out there who are already disobeying lockdown rules will just carry on as before, with added swagger. I’m actually dreading it.

There was no queue to get in to Tesco. Once in, though, people were as confused as ever: going the wrong way up the one-way aisles and one man jumping the queue for the till because he hadn’t noticed the rest of us behind him, politely keeping our distance and standing on the designated spots on the floor. “Sorry, I don’t usually do this,” was his cheery response. “Goodness, where have you BEEN these past few weeks? And are we to assume your poor wife always does it, then?” was what I would love to have said to him. My face probably said it for me, though, as he slunk to his spot at the back of the queue.

No wonder people are still confused. Half the staff in Tesco were wearing masks and half not. We are finding this wherever we go.  We are not wearing masks ourselves – not yet, anyway.

Partly to support a worthy local business and partly because neither of us fancied cooking tonight, we bought takeaway meals – lasagne and beef curry and rice – from a local café. They have got to keep ticking over somehow, and are also doing a fruit and veg delivery service, takeaway coffees, etc. As are many others, of course.

It might too late for our local pubs, though. Some are trying to stay afloat by also offering takeaway meals but we were dismayed, though not surprised, to read that many have had to close for good and are now up for sale. We have visited some of these and passed others on our way elsewhere and could happily live in any of them (though not run one!), but don’t happen to have a spare million or so quid about us at the moment.

Mind you, with what I’ve saved on haircuts and other appointments, lunches out, books, plants, gigs and trips to all manner of places, I’ve probably got enough for quite a splurge when we come out of this. But not just yet, please!




Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

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