They had to come and fetch me home!

Dodging the wind and rain on Sunday, we sat inside a (very busy and lively) pub for our roast lunch. It felt good to be indoors, especially as the rain was lashing against the windows throughout. They were fully booked, I was told, and turning people away. I wasn’t surprised. We all want to return to some semblance of normal, don’t we? We even managed to cram in a pudding, just to be sociable. 

We spotted two lovely old classic cars in the car park afterwards and, while I love to see these, I can never get over just how tiny they are inside. I mean, where does all the shopping go?! Never mind any luggage for trips away and holidays. There’s no such thing as travelling light for us. We have to cover all eventualities.  Generous boot capacity was a key factor in buying our current car. That, and a comfy back seat for the resident back-seat driver: ie, me. The first time we tried out our fancy new dash-cam, then played it back later on at home, I asked the OH what that awful sound was – like an irritated insect on speed. Turns out it was me, oops. Many’s the time he’s pointed the television controls at me, jabbing the “mute” button with increasing desperation, to no avail…

Talking of luggage, my idea of hell would be backpacking, hefting a cumbersome rucksack around, followed by camping in a tent you have to put up yourself, just to compound the misery (hollow laugh). The sort you have to limbo in and out of, with no en-suite facilities. When I went on a camping trip with the Guides, just before joining “big school” I called my parents from a phone box after a mere two days of misery, discomfort and disgusting food and they had to come and fetch me home. They tried to make me feel ashamed, but all I felt was overwhelming relief. I like my home comforts, thank you very much. There’s a lot to be said for a solid roof over your head (one you can actually stand up in), a comfy bed, hot shower and an indoor loo. Not to mention no earwigs in your clothes and shoes, and not having to share a tent with a load of smelly, snoring older girls. I was one of the youngest there, and tiny back then, and they kept patting me on the head and saying how sweet I was! Little did they know…

I digress. After our Sunday lunch, we managed a quick look around an open garden in a nearby village, though very few flowers were in bloom, which was a pity. I loved their restful colour scheme (though most weren’t in bloom, I recognised their foliage, so I knew what was coming): blues, purples and white. And lots of varied foliage. More or less like ours, come to think of it. Ish. They also had lots of pots grouped everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. Anyone who’s ever been to my garden knows all about my pots obsession. I’m selling some of them, but that still leaves me with around 60.

It was surprisingly busy in there, despite the awful weather and the rather steep entrance fee of a fiver each. I was expecting a much bigger garden, but it was lovely, though all a bit too high-maintenance for us. I bet they have help. Funnily enough, I overheard someone in the pub talking about someone else and their obsession with their garden: “She’d be out there 24/7 if she could.” Perhaps they were talking about the owner of this particular garden, and who could blame her? 

Only the British, on a day like today, could sit out in said garden, exposed to the elements, and “enjoy” (I use the word very loosely) tea and cake! We resisted. On our way back to the car, we passed a family having a jolly picnic under a sheltered stand in a playground. The village hall had a promising sign outside, saying tea and cakes, but they were packing up just as we got there, at peak British tea-time, ie, three o’clock. Some people just don’t have the stamina.

Author: Hampton Caught

The rants and ramblings of an ex Deputy Fiction Editor of Woman's Weekly magazine.

One thought on “They had to come and fetch me home!”

  1. The dismal weather is indeed hampering enjoyment of some semblance of normality as it slowly returns. Hopefully many more pub lunches and open garden days to come with sunshine added in.

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